Calvin A. Hamilton

Arbitrator/ Arbitra International

Calvin is a Chartered Arbitrator with more than 30 years’ experience. He has sat under ICC, ICDR, LCIA,
Madrid Court of Arbitration, Zurich Chamber of Commerce, Hungarian Chambers of Commerce and
Industry and UNCITRAL Rules in a variety of seats located in the Caribbean, Latin America, USA, Africa,
and Europe. Calvin is a highly regarded Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.
His expertise lies in Investor-State and Commercial disputes arising from administrative and public law;
retail and consumer; energy and natural resources; environment, renewables & climate change; crossborder transactions including, mergers & acquisitions, distribution, sale of goods, agency, franchise
and transfer agreements; and acquisition of assets and/or shares agreements.
His primary focus is on the Caribbean, Latin America, London, Continental Europe, and the US. Calvin’s
experience includes common law and civil law which he developed in his practice in Spain, the
Commonwealth Caribbean, including Guyana and Barbados, and the US.
Calvin is an executive member of the Caribbean Branch of CIArb. He is also the Chair of the Barbados
Chapter of the CIArb. He was a member of the original Working Party commissioned by CARICOM to
produce the IMPACT Justice Arbitration Bill. The Draft Bill has recently been officially adopted by the
CARICOM Legal Affairs Committee, the significance being that the CARICOM Member States are now
encouraged to enact the Bill into law. Calvin is the co-chair of the ITA Americas Initiative Caribbean
Task Force which aims include, raising arbitration awareness in the Caribbean among the community;
implementation of arbitration legal framework; leveraging arbitration activity in Latin America for the
mutual benefit of the Caribbean and Latin America. He is a member of the ICC International Court of
Arbitration Disclosure Working Group. Calvin is also a tutor of the globally renowned CIArb course
Calvin is fluent in Spanish. He is admitted to practice in New York and Madrid, Spain and conducts
proceedings in both English and Spanish.