9:00am - 10:30am

13th March WEDNESDAY

Session I: Bots or Brains: The AI Dilemma in Arbitration

In this topical session, our diverse panel of experts will discuss the increasing use of artificial intelligence in international arbitration, including the numerous opportunities it currently offers and the potential threats it might present.  Each of our speakers will provide thought-provoking analysis and insights into a particular aspect of AI’s role in arbitration, including in the appointment of tribunals, in gathering and evaluating evidence, as an aid to tribunals and cyborg tribunals, as well as the impact of AI on the independence and impartiality of arbitrators.  An interactive discussion will follow with our panellists responding to questions from the audience.



  • Mark Forte, Conyers
  • Dr Jane Fedotova, Conyers


  • Dmitri Evseev, Arbitration City / Arbitra International
  • Professor Tania Sourdin, University of Newcastle Law School
  • David Blayney KC, Serle Court
  • (Amb.) (ret.) David Huebner, Huebner Arbitration