Elise Donovan

CEO, BVI Finance

Elise Donovan is the CEO of BVI Finance, leveraging her extensive experience across Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and Africa. She has significantly expanded the BVI’s financial services presence globally, especially in the Asia Pacific, through strategic networking, forums, and seminars, focusing on the BVI’s financial service offerings at major financial institutions. Previously, Elise held positions as Director and Asia Pacific Representative at BVI House Asia, EU/UK Representative, Director of the BVI London Office, and roles at the BVI International Affairs Secretariat, the BVI Financial Services Commission, and the BVI International Finance Centre, now known as BVI Finance. She has published numerous articles on topics related to the BVI as a premier international finance centre.  Elise holds a bachelor's degree from Carleton University, Ottawa, and a master's degree from Columbia University, New York.